Ultimate browser extension
Unlock the full potential of your browsing expirience

Immerse yourself in a delightful and clutter-free interface that promotes productivity and relaxation. Our extension boasts a wide range of features to streamline your daily tasks and keep you informed and inspired.


Beautiful newtab
Experience elegance in browsing with our new tab extension. Enjoy a stunning start to your day with daily wallpapers and live themes.
Global sidebar
Stay organized effortlessly with our global sidebar. Access bookmarks, todo, calendar, notes, and more from any website.
Todo manager
Effortlessly manage daily tasks with our user-friendly Todo manager. Integrate with Google Tasks, Todoist, and more for efficiency.
Keep your schedule in check by syncing Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and more. Enjoy easy access and better time management.
Personalize your new tab with thousands of themes, wallpapers, fonts, layouts, and more. Express your unique style and preferences.
Stay informed with the latest news and updates. Access top news sources and stay updated on various topics and trends.
Language translator
Break the language barrier with our language translator. Translate text and web pages to your preferred language instantly.
Stay organized with our easy-to-use note manager. Jot down ideas, create to-do lists, and manage notes effortlessly.
Simplify your life with our easy-to-use bookmark manager. Efficiently organize and access all your favorite bookmarks.
Stay informed about the weather. Get the latest forecast for your location, so you're always prepared for the day ahead.
Pomodoro timer
Boost productivity with our Pomodoro timer. Stay focused and achieve more in your work and study sessions.
Engage with GPT AI through ChatGPT. Ask questions and get instant answers on various topics and queries.
Dark mode
Protect your eyes and enjoy a comfortable browsing experience with our dark mode feature.
Music player
Enjoy your favorite music while browsing.
Custom search
Customize your search engine and enjoy a personalized browsing experience.